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Custom design for residential spaces

APOGEE: (def.) The highest or most exalted point.

Apogee Design is passionate about creating innovative interior design solutions for custom residential projects. Our philosophy is to team with our clients to realize the luxury home of their dreams. We emphasize the use of sustainable "green" materials maximizing lasting results. Our years of experience in custom home remodeling and purchasing produce visionary projects. Our profound desire to create a unique interior space for every client promotes the highest design excellence!

We focus on timeless design using the most sustainable, technologically advanced products and furnishings available.


Our Projects

Designing custom residential interiors for homes in GreaterTampa Bay, Florida and our client's exclusive locations around the world.

Beach House


We used classic materials to create waves flowing though a luxury modern space. A reverse floor plan lifts you up into the trees floating over the land and sea below. A roof top deck gives stunning views to the ocean beyond.

"Green" Desert Condos


A revolutionary sustainable building system, RSG 3-D panel, protects against hurricane force winds up to 250mph. In addition it is fire resistant, earthquake proof, with energy savings of 38%. The luxury interiors have no pollutants, are pest-free and non-allergenic. This is custom residential design perfect for beach, island or desert environments.

Hill House Lighting


This home showcases our stunning award winning lighting design. The 10,000 square foot luxury home, with 27 foot open-truss ceilings, is dramatically enhanced with up-lighting. The gallery space around an internal courtyard radiates with projector lights focused on pre-Columbian art.

Danville Kitchen


A custom remodel of a closed-off kitchen transforms this luxury golf course property to new heights.

Mid-Century Oasis


This home is a modern interpretation of the mid-century vision of its famous architect.


Mary Pierce

As the owner and founder of Apogee Design, Mary Pierce, is uniquely equipped to provide her clients with luxury residential interior design. Her "summa cum laude" Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Architecture from Woodbury University is an inspirational beginning. Followed by years of experience working for prominent architectural firms in interior design and design project management. Finally, chasing her dreams with her own firm, Apogee Design, she focuses on managing custom residential projects from design concept through construction. She has the vision, innovation and experience to fulfill her client's dreams.

National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) #016697
Certified Interior Designer - California #5962

picture of Mary Pierce founder and owner of Apogee Design


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